[Eric] introduction

val val.bisson at gmail.com
Mon Jul 21 00:19:37 BST 2008

i'm quite new to eric and python, although not new to programming (as,
java, cpp), this ide seems great, as eclipse for python is too bloated
and crashes at any double click...

what makes me post here is that i can't find in eric a way to run
either a single script or the project in one single keypress. there's
always a panel asking what command to run. I've tried to record a
macro for "shift+F2, enter", but all i get is an error message as i
start the macro recording. here's the error message:

Object::connect: No such signal Editor::SCN_MACRORECORD(uint,ulong,long)

and the macro doesn't record anything.

if it can be of any use, i'm running eric4-4.1.6 (r2290) on a debian
lenny+sid with python 2.5.2 and qt4.4.0

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