[Eric] Indentation Guides again

Petr Jakeš petr.jakes at tpc.cz
Sat Sep 20 23:16:38 BST 2008

this topic was mentioned already in one of my previous posting.
Now I would like just to be more specific:
Settings > Preferences > Editor > General
If Show Indentation Guides option is checked, the guides are behaving as
1) The Tab width setting does not affect the behavior (appearance) of the
Indentation Guides
2) Indentation width setting does affect the behavior (appearance) of the
Indentation Guides as follows:

   a) Ind. width values 1,2,4  Ind. Guides distance is 3 characters
   b) Ind. width values 3,6    Ind. Guides distance is 9 characters
   c) Ind. width values 5      Ind. Guides distance is 15 characters
   d) Ind. width values 7      Ind. Guides distance is 21 characters
   e) Ind. width values 8      Ind. Guides distance is 6 characters
   f) Ind. width values 9      Ind. Guides distance is 27 characters
   g) Ind. width values 10     Ind. Guides distance is 15 characters

As Detlev already posted here, it is probably caused by QScintilla.
I would like to know, If somebody here can show me some directions where to
look or how to try to find the solution of this "strange mathematic"?


Petr Jakes
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