[Eric] how to store SVN password

Petr Jakeš petr.jakes at tpc.cz
Sun Nov 8 20:33:23 GMT 2009

> > >
> > > If the Save Login Data checkbox is checked, the login credentials
> should
> > > be saved. You could check that in your .subversion/auth directory.
> >
> > The owner of the ~/.subversion/auth directory is root on my machine (I am
> >  on Ubuntu 9.10). This IMHO the reason why the login credentials are not
> >  saved even the Save Login Data checkbox is checked.
> > Is there some "clean" way how to solve it, or I have to change the the
> >  owner manualy?
> >
> > Petr
> >
> You have to change that manually. It shouldn't have been owner root.
Solved, it was necessary to change the rights to the  ~/.subversion/auth  I
think I have installed SVN as a root or something like that.

Maybe some warning should appear in the dialog, when it is not possible to
save login credentials.

Anyway thanks a lot.


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