[Eric] eric4 in Spanish

Jaime Seuma jaims.seuma at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 12:10:14 GMT 2010

eric-request at riverbankcomputing.com wrote:
>    2. eric4 in spanish (Jean Carlos Rodriguez)
> ...the problem is when i open a new page for write the
> program and i try to delete any caracter u cant do it, the only way to do it
> is presing Alt+May+C, how i can fixid this problem...

Hi Jean Carlos,
There is an issue with the shortcuts for the Spanish translation. It
translates to the effects you mention in your mail.
While I am working on it (and hopefully will be solved with the next
snapshot), you can solve it right away in your installation by using
default shortcuts.

You can do this using the menu 'configuracion/importar atajos de
teclado' and then selecting the file 'defaul.e4k'. The location of this
file depends on your operating system; I'm using winxp and it is located
in 'c:\python26\lib\site-packages\eric4'. Try to find it in your system.

This should fix the problem.


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