[Eric] using update manager to install Eric

Peter Bradley p.bradley at dsl.pipex.com
Wed May 5 18:28:42 BST 2010

On 05/05/10 02:26, Ken Hackbarth wrote:
> "I hope this doesn't sound flippant, but all you have to do is to trust
> your package manager."
> Peter,
> It is encouraging to hear that the update manager knows about and
> installs prerequisites.  I didn't get that impression the first time
> that I tried to install Eric.  I chose Eric from the programing tools
> list and installed it.  Everything proceeded just fine but when I
> launched the program the help links to Qt and other supporting software
> didn't work.  I went to the options dialog and saw that the help links
> to these applications wasn't populated.  So I made the assumption that
> they weren't installed in the proper order so Eric couldn't find them
> and automatically create the links.
> Thanks,
> Ken

Hi Ken,

The Package maintainer either messed up on the help links, or 
deliberately left them out.  Now you've mentioned it, though, I see that 
my installation is the same.  However, Eric itself is installed just fine.

I noticed that when I clicked on Help --> qt4 Documentation, the error 
message box said it couldn't find the index.html file.  So I did a 
locate on qt4 and discovered that no html help files seemed to be 
installed for qt4.  Checking in Synaptic, I find that they are installed 
separately (search for qt4-doc-html).

After installing the docs, I find them in:


Checking in the Eric Settings --> Help --> Help Documentation dialog, I 
see that you need to give the location of the help files for Eric in 
there.  So I enter the path above into the appropriate text box, click 
Apply and then OK to close the dialog.

Now when I click on Help --> qt4 Documentation, the help comes up 
(albeit with a number of error messages because a SQLite driver or 
something isn't installed).  Despite the error messages it all seems to 
be there and working.  I imagine you would have to do the same for the 
other help files.



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