[Eric] Absolute path on project explorer

Santiago Reig santireig at gmail.com
Sun Jan 9 13:01:34 GMT 2011

Hi all,
I was following the tutorials, when I realized that my 'Forms' project
explorer shows the absolute path to the project files, instead of the
relative to the project folder.
When I create a folder in the 'Sources' tab it doesn't appear in the 'Forms'
tab (in the examples seems to appear immediately) until I add some file to
the project, like a .ui one, when the path from C: to the file appears in
the project explorer, which in some cases can be pretty long.
I have tried Eric 5.0.4 in my Win7 daily computer and Eric 5.0.5 in a new
WinXP installation and both behave the same way, and can't find an option to
change it.

So, how can I tell Eric to only show the relative path in the project
explorer for the forms?

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