[Eric] eric4 and PySide project: hang on create new form

Steve McKown rsmckown at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 17:53:26 BST 2011


I'm following the LogParser tutorial but using "PySide GUI" in the 
project settings instead of "PyQT GUI".  When using the "New Form..." 
option to launch designer to create the main window (Chapter 2), eric 
hangs.  The GNU 'top' utility shows eric's python process consuming 100% 
of the CPU.  No change after 5 minutes.

If I run QT Designer manually to create LogParser.ui and then add it to 
the eric project, I can then from within eric use the "Edit Form" and 
"Compile Form" options with expected results.

I'm not sure how to proceed to track down this issue.  Suggestions?

My system info:
	Ubuntu 10.10, Core i5 CPU
	Python 2.6.6 (ubuntu)
	Qt 4.7.0 (ubuntu)
	PyQT 4.7.4 (ubuntu)
	sip 4.10.5 (ubuntu)
	QScintilla 2.4.4 (ubuntu)
	PySide 1.0.3 (pyside-tools 0.2.9)

	eric4 4.4.4a (ubuntu)
	eric4 4.4.15 r4034 (from website tar.gz)

All the best,

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