[Eric] eric4 and PySide project: code generation builds for PyQT

Steve McKown rsmckown at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 17:53:33 BST 2011


I'm following the LogParser tutorial, but selecting "PySide GUI" in 
project settings instead of "PyQT GUI".  When using the "Generate Dialog 
Code" feature as outlined in Chapter 2 of the tutorial, the resulting 
.py file is using PyQT bindings instead of PySide.

Are there some other project settings I don't have set correctly?  Or 
perhaps the code generation feature doesn't support PySide?

My system info:
	Ubuntu 10.10, Core i5 CPU
	Python 2.6.6 (ubuntu)
	Qt 4.7.0 (ubuntu)
	PyQT 4.7.4 (ubuntu)
	sip 4.10.5 (ubuntu)
	QScintilla 2.4.4 (ubuntu)
	PySide 1.0.3 (pyside-tools 0.2.9)

	eric4 4.4.4a (ubuntu)
	eric4 4.4.15 r4034 (from website tar.gz)

All the best,

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