[PyKDE] unimplemented objects

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Mon Nov 22 10:19:09 GMT 1999

Reiner Wiechert wrote:
> Hi pykde friends,
> I've started a new programming project and tried to implement the
> KDevelop 0.4 output as a PyKDE template. There I found two objects
> which seems to be unimplemented in PyKDE 0.10pre3.
> 1. KTMainWindow.memberList
> It's a static list of all KTMainWindow instances. How can I avoid
> using this list? Should I use a global Python list and add/remove all
> instances within the __init__/__del__ methods?

This needs support for static class member functions added. It's on the
TODO list, but I wasn't planning on doing it before Qt v2.x support.
(You can change my mind though.)

> 2. kapp.appHelpActivated
> This is a pretty new function used as a slot to activate the
> Help->Contents menu entry. Will it be implemented in the near future
> (Phil)?

In KDE v1.1.2 this is a private slot.  Are you using a later snapshot?


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