[PyKDE] examples/application.py segfaults

Marco Bubke bubke at prinz-atm.CS.Uni-Magdeburg.De
Fri Oct 1 23:00:03 BST 1999

On 01-Oct-99 Phil Thompson wrote:
> Rob Cecil wrote:
>> Hello,
>> All of the examples work except this one.  I crashes after the ctor
>> for ApplicationWindow completes, on the show() of that object in the
>> main part of the program.  I have never used QMainWindow before, and
>> am wondering if its use is standard.  My configuration is:
>> Qt 1.44
>> Irix6.4
>> MipsPro 7.2.2 Compiler, -32
>> Regards,
>> Rob
> Do anybody else have this problem?  If so, which version of UNIX?

The same by me. Except that I used the gcc 2.95.1 for PyQt and Qt. There is
someting about QPixmap. It doesn't work.


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