[PyKDE] KTMainWindow.memberList ?

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Sat Oct 16 13:02:09 BST 1999

Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
> Dear people,
> I'm busy translating the framework KDevelop generates into Python.
> I really want to get the multiple document working, but I'm running
> into a bit of trouble with the function:


> However, it appearst that the KTMainWindow class in Python doesn't
> have the memberList variable - it's not mentioned in the KDUI
> documentation, but appears in the header files:
> public:
>   /**
>    * List of members of KTMainWindow class
>    */
>   static QList<KTMainWindow>* memberList;
> Is this merely an omission in PyKDE or am I doing something silly?

SIP doesn't support static class variables yet.  I've added it to the
TODO list (I think it's very easy to do).

> Also, is there anyone who has gotten the KConfig.readListEntry to
> work? Translating _config->readListEntry("Recent Files",recent_files)_
> into _self.config.readListEntry("Recent Files",self.recent_files)_
> doesn't work either.

You should translate it to...

	self.recent_files = self.config.readListEntry("Recent Files")

However, the PyKDE documentation says that it returns a tuple of the
length of the list and the list itself.  I'll fix the documentation
because it's easy enough to get the length of the list in Python.  Also
keep in mind that this particular function is implemented in handwritten
code - so there is plenty of scope for bugs - if you still have
problems, can you give me more detail.

> Oh, and Phil, can you put KAccel in the next version?

Also on the TODO list.  Do you need KAccel.keyDict() and
KAccel.setKeyDict() implemented?


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