[PyKDE] KTMainWindow.memberList ?

Boudewijn Rempt boud at rempt.xs4all.nl
Sat Oct 16 16:36:54 BST 1999

On Sat, 16 Oct 1999, Phil Thompson wrote:

re: memberList - as far as I can see I can simply leave it off, I'm still
not entirely sure what the C++ routine actually _does_, and when I just
put a

  def slotFileQuit(self):

in, the app appears to do what it's advertised to, i.e. close one window
at a time and close the app when the last window is closed.

> You should translate it to...
> 	self.recent_files = self.config.readListEntry("Recent Files")

That does the trick, thanks!

> > Oh, and Phil, can you put KAccel in the next version?
> Also on the TODO list.  Do you need KAccel.keyDict() and
> KAccel.setKeyDict() implemented?

I'm not entirely sure, the routine I'm trying to translate does:

  def initKeyAccel(self):
    self.key_accel = KAccel()
    # self.file_menu accelerators
    self.key_accel.connectItem( KAccel.New, self, self.slotFileNew ) 
    self.key_accel.changeMenuAccel(  self.file_menu, ID_FILE_NEW, KAccel.New )

So I guess not immediately.

I really like the KAccel idea - it means I can blithely go on using
ctr-insert and friends instead of that new-fangled ctrl-c and so on. Guess
that preference dates me...

Except for this I guess the translation of the KDevelop framework is
pretty much finished. It differs a bit from what the framework that's
delivered with PyKDE - it also offers session management, configuration
files and multiple windows. (I did notice a slight discrepancy between
what KDevelop generates and what the KDE interface guidelines advise -
KDevelop gives both Close and Exit menu items, and the guidelines advise
to use only Quit.)

I hope to find some time really soon to update the tutorial to version
0.9 and finish my additions on session management, internationalisation,
geometry management and installation, but three out of those four aren't
exactly clear to me presently ;-).

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