[PyKDE] Support for Qt v1.x and Qt v2.x

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Fri Feb 25 18:45:29 GMT 2000

I've asked this of a few people before the mailing list was created...

The way things are structured at the moment it is going to be a pain to
have PyQt for Qt v1.x and PyQt for v2.x installed at the same time.

How important is this to people?

Unfortunately Python doesn't have Tcl's ability to nicely handle
different versions of an extension module.  One way would be for the
Python module that supports Qt v2.x to be called "qt2" rather than
"qt".  The disadvantage is that a script that is portable between
versions would need to specify "import qt" or "import qt2" when it
shouldn't need to make the distinction.

Another way would be to have "qt1" and "qt2" and a symbolic link "qt"
that pointed to the latest available version.  A script that was
specific to a version would "import qt1" or "import qt2", portable
scripts would "import qt".  The disadvantage is that existing scripts
that aren't portable to Qt v2.x would break when Qt v2.x was installed.

Ideas, suggestions, opinions?


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