[PyKDE] Support for Qt v1.x and Qt v2.x

Boudewijn Rempt bsarempt at rempt.xs4all.nl
Fri Feb 25 20:54:01 GMT 2000

On Fri, 25 Feb 2000, Phil Thompson wrote:

> I've asked this of a few people before the mailing list was created...
> The way things are structured at the moment it is going to be a pain to
> have PyQt for Qt v1.x and PyQt for v2.x installed at the same time.
> How important is this to people?

For me, not at all. There are two reasons I've not gone over to
KDE 2: the first is that kicker doesn't know its own height
most of the times, and the second is that PyKDE doesn't support
it yet ;-). Of course, the fact that there's no API freeze yet
is important too...

> Unfortunately Python doesn't have Tcl's ability to nicely handle
> different versions of an extension module.  One way would be for the
> Python module that supports Qt v2.x to be called "qt2" rather than
> "qt".  The disadvantage is that a script that is portable between
> versions would need to specify "import qt" or "import qt2" when it
> shouldn't need to make the distinction.

How likely is it for a script to be portable between 1 and 2? For Qt
it seems possible, but for KDE I don't think it's realistic. I wouldn't
mind using qt2 as an import name, but perhaps things get more diffucult
with KDE (khtml2, kdecore2...). I'd prefer things to be as close as
possible to what a C++ programmer would have to include. 

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