[PyKDE] qtArch

Steve.Noble at dpws.nsw.gov.au Steve.Noble at dpws.nsw.gov.au
Tue Jun 6 07:17:10 BST 2000

>I'm starting to wonder whether it wouldn't be easier to create
>a dialog builder in Python...

i want to play around with pyqt-kde but don't expect i'll ever
produce anything more than a toy

Where pyqt-kde may be more useful for me is if it's bundled like vb for
applications. I use a cadd program that has vb like extensions and i've written
a few macros that are useful to me. The program has a form editor with only
about 10 controls that excepts input.

perhaps something simple(?) like the limited form editor would be what most
people would use most of the time.


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