[PyKDE] requested free win32 license from troll

Bill Eldridge bill at hk.rfa.org
Wed Mar 1 03:21:21 GMT 2000

Eventually some of the people using PyQT on Windows will
want to do some C coding as well, while many who won't
would conceivably use wxPython instead.  I personally chose
to go with wxPython for my current projects not because of
the money for me, but because I wanted broader participation
on the Windows side and couldn't presume many people would
go out and purchase an expensive license.

Phil Thompson wrote:
> Warren Postma wrote:
> >
> > I sent a message to the folks at www.troll.no yesterday, requesting a single
> > free license of QT for Win32 for the purpose of creating a freely available
> > PyQT+a partial PyKDE for Windows as a binary-only distribution.
> >
> > First, it would be good for them because it would let PyQT widgets be 100%
> > portable from Windows to Linux, and secondly, it would get more people on
> > Windows familiar with their product and perhaps more people would buy it.
> It will be very interesting to see their response because I don't think
> their license anticipated things like PyQt and PerlQt.  Their income is
> from developers of commercial packages using Qt - you couldn't develop a
> commercial Qt program without giving them money. Because you are allowed
> to distribute the libraries with your program at no additional cost you
> are effectively buying a copy of the header files.
> With PyQt you don't need the header files. Only one Qt license needs to
> be bought (or gets donated) for everybody on the planet to be able to
> develop commercial Qt programs (in Python) without Troll getting a
> penny.
> On the one hand PyQt could be competition for Troll, on the other hand
> it could be a way of getting Qt to a wider audience.
> By the way, if anybody wants to donate a Windows C++ development
> environment I could properly maintain the port myself.
> Phil
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