[PyKDE] What KParts will be

Henning Schroeder ich at henning-schroeder.de
Wed Mar 1 15:03:12 GMT 2000

Phil Thompson wrote:
> Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
> > Dear people,
> > I was wondering whether it will be possible to create parts
> > using Python, in the fullness of time. I can't really determine
> > whether it would be easy to implement, difficult or simply
> > impossible. Doesn anyone have an opinion?
> > Boudewijn
> In theory, if it can be done in C++ it can be done in Python.  I
> was surprised when I saw on the KDE develop site that you could
> create new widgets with PyKDE - I've never tried it myself, but I
> don't see why not.
> (And if you can't, tell me why not and I'll fix it.)
> Phil
Sunday at CeBIT a KDE developer told me that each KPart is a dynamic
library (=loadable .so-file). Because of that creating KParts in Python
might be more difficult than you think. (Correct me if I'm wrong.) But
using existing KParts should be possible easily. KScript - the new KDE
scripting language used in KSpread - already supports KParts.

BTW: I see another problem to support one new feature of the upcoming Qt
2.1: The moc precompiler now handles properties. That means each widget
can bind their get- and set-methods to a property. It was intended to
help programmers of GUI designers but I think it will be useful for a
lot of tasks. (Besides I'm still working on an easy RAD IDE and would
really like to simplify my code...)


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