[PyKDE] Problem with both parent() method and QListViewItem

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Thu Mar 2 20:04:19 GMT 2000

"David C. Morrill" wrote:
> Hello all:
> I've been writing a Python program using PyKDE for the last month or so
> (and luvin' every minute of it...thanks Phil). I was just wrapping up
> some loose ends prior to releasing it to the world, when I decided to
> upgrade one of my other systems to Linux Mandrake 7.0 (and download
> Phil's latest PyQt and PyKDE RPMS) and try it out there. Guess what? It
> doesn't work.
> After slogging through the problem for a few hours, I have narrowed it
> down to the following details:
> - the foo.parent() method doesn't return the expected object in some
> cases (e.g. if 'foo' is a QHBoxLayout instance).
> - if I subclass QListViewItem and add an instance to a (subclass of)
> QListView, I get a QListViewItem back instead of my subclass when an
> event (like 'select') happens.
> - the versions of PyQt, PyKDE, and Qt (from the Mandrake 7.0 distro)
> were all newer than the
> versions on my development system (running Mandrake 6.1, I think).
> I tried uninstalling the Qt, PyQt, PyKDE RPMS and installing the
> versions from my working system, but it didn't make any difference
> (?!?). I then had the bright idea of looking for a PyKDE mailing list,
> and
> was pleasantly surprised to find a ref to one on Phil's web site. I was
> even more excited to find that both problems I had run into had already
> been reported by Gey-Hong Gweon and Boudewijn Rempt in the last week or
> so. Unfortunately, there has been no reported fix yet :-(
> UnlikeBoudewijn, I'm pretty much dead in the water as far as releasing
> my code (I've already got my home LAN installed, and I'm not moving any
> time soon :-). If anyone has any ideas, I'd be very glad to hear them.
> Thanks,
> Dave Morrill

Time for a progress report I think...

I hope to release v0.11pre1 in the "next few days" - within a week
anyway (depends on how I get on painting the music room goes, and if I
can shake this cold).  This will not support Qt 2.  The purpose of this
release is for people to check that I haven't broken anything as far as
Qt 1 is concerned - and to include fixes for all known problems (ie. the
one described above).

v0.11pre2 will follow a "few days" afterwards with Qt 2 support.


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