[PyKDE] Problem with both parent() method and QListViewItem

David C. Morrill dmorrill at austin.rr.com
Fri Mar 3 11:29:28 GMT 2000

>Time for a progress report I think...

>I hope to release v0.11pre1 in the "next few days" - within a week
>anyway (depends on how I get on painting the music room goes, and if I
>can shake this cold).  This will not support Qt 2.  The purpose of this

>release is for people to check that I haven't broken anything as far as

>Qt 1 is concerned - and to include fixes for all known problems (ie.
>one described above).

>v0.11pre2 will follow a "few days" afterwards with Qt 2 support.

Sounds good to me! I'll assume the problems I mentioned will be fixed,
I'll just get back to working on my own list of application bugs and
ToDo items
while I wait. Thanks for the update...

Dave Morrill

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