[PyKDE] QtArchitect - How about ViPyl?

mgeras at ticon.net mgeras at ticon.net
Wed Mar 15 23:20:36 GMT 2000

On Wed, 15 Mar 2000, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:

> Yes, I've seen ViPyl, which is _very_ interesting. However, it
> is not yet a practical solution. Besides, it focuses on an essentially
> different way of developing applications (with properties and so on),
> and doesn't support layout management. The beauty of qtArchitect is
> that you use layout management, and that the tool shows you the result.
> (If it doesn't crash, that is...) I think I'll give it one more try,
> and then try another route: using the qtArch .dlg format. If that doesn't
> work there are two options: either hack qtArch, or rewrite it in 
> Python. With my C++ prowess, the second seems easier ;-).
Couldn't this feature just be added ti ViPyl?  I don't thing layout
management should be that hard.  I agree with the fact the layout
management is a 'much' better solution then setting specific x, y, width,
height properties.  Plus the application runs much better on varying
resolutions.  One think I don't like about KDE (1.X anyway), is that the
dialogs seem to be coded without layout management.  I hope they fixed it
in 2.0.  Anyways, I still think it can be done to ViPyl.


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