[PyKDE] 'Could not read directory' QFileDialog.getSaveFileName(), Unix

Stephan Koerner skoer at adams.com
Fri Aug 24 18:37:34 BST 2001


  Am I doing something silly or is there a quick workaround to this issue.

Under UNIX (IRIX, HP-UX, SunOS, )
  fn = QFileDialog.getSaveFileName("foo.txt", "Text files (*.txt)", self)
  Pumps an ERROR alert to the screen with the String
    'Could not read the directory foo.txt/'

Under NT 
  This command does not present the user with the ERROR alert.

Regardless, after the ERROR alert the Dialog is in the proper (current)
and the program supplied default file name 'foo.txt' is there. 

To replicate this scenario modify line 236 of the 'application.py' example
of the PyQt 2.4 distribution and supply a 'startWith' string as the first
argument of QFileDialog.getSaveFileName() 

Any thoughts on how to prevent the ERROR alert from being invoked would
be appreciated.

thanks, stephan

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