[PyKDE] Compilation problems

Jan Ekholm chakie at infa.abo.fi
Thu Aug 30 18:59:50 BST 2001

On Thu, 30 Aug 2001, Gerard Vermeulen wrote:

>Hi Jan,
>I do not know if this is the origin of ALL you problems,
>but if you want to install PyQt-2.5, I would advise you to install
>sip-2.5 first (even without regenerating the C++-code, because
>the libraries and header files of sip-2.4 may be incompatible
>with PyQt-2.5).

Hi Gerard,

I installed sip-2.5 instead, and it seems to indeed solve the problem. At
least the problem file now compiles. PyQt takes a while to compile on my
oldish machine, but it looks good.

Thanks for the help, I was really at loss there!

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