[PyKDE] PyQwt win32 binary?

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Thu Feb 1 06:05:39 GMT 2001

Matt Gerassimoff wrote:
> Then why did TrollTech give you the licence???  If you didn't buy it, but
> instead they gave you a copy of Qt, then it would seem to me they
> supported release.  If you did buy it then you could release a binary
> version based on the commercial license (even though you give your
> software away for free).  Since they gave you a copy of Qt for windows for
> free, they must have given you some information on what you could and could
> not do with it.  If it was just for making sure PyQt compiles and runs under
> windows, then you probably shouldn't have ever released the binary.

Trolltech gave me a Qt license because Boudewijn suggested it would be
nice of them to do so. As I said before, I think this is their standard
practise for people who help to promote Qt. What they gave me was their
standard package - UNIX and Windows version and the commercial license.
They had no idea what I intended to do with it - I didn't myself at the

> TrollTech didn't know you were going to release a binary version?  You never
> asked them?  You must have got permission from somewhere.  But if you didn't,
> I can see why you would no longer support it and it probably should be taken
> off www.thekompany.com's web site.

Yes to both questions. As I said in the original post, the legality of
what I did was open to question. According to my interpretation of the
license it was legal. However, I think it was against the spirit of what
Trolltech intended with the license.


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