[Re: [PyKDE] PyQt resources]

Boudewijn Rempt bsarempt at rempt.xs4all.nl
Tue Jan 16 20:41:53 GMT 2001

On 15 Jan 2001, Scott Prive wrote:

> I am a bit puzzled why there are so few open source apps being coded using
> PyQt. After all, Python is "big", and Qt is "big". Perception-wise, even the
> wxPython people make more in the way of 'noise'.

That's more or less true. On the Python newsgroup people generally favour
toolkits that are freely available on at least Windows and Unix/X11, and
preferably MacIntosh, too. Even the promise of a Macintosh port (like
with wxWindows) satisfies some ;-).

But if you want a mature PyQt open-source application, take a look at
Kura - it's nearly 1.0 now, uses many elements from PyQt and is quite


There's also qcharmap, a Unicode editor/character picker/Chinese editor:

http://www.valdyas.org/python/qt2.html (it also has an early version
of the themes.py example and the old PyKDE Python sourcebrowser ported
to PyQt).

Another app worth taking a look at is eric, in the PyQt distribution.

> I am looking for any available-source applications using PyQt. I found
> Boudewijn Rempt's adapted-tutorial webpage, but it is KDE-specific and I am
> looking for "plain Qt".

I should have updated it... But I found that writing stuff for other
websites pays better. Take a look at:
Also, the january issue of Dr Dobbs has an article on PyQt, signals 
and slots you might like. I'm doing my best to create noise!

On the other hand, many of the things in the KDE tutorials weren't
really KDE specific - I hardly used any KDE specific classes. But
I should update it, I really should.

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