[Re: [PyKDE] PyQt resources]

Philippe Fremy fremy at yalbi.com
Mon Jan 15 15:50:56 GMT 2001

> I am a bit puzzled why there are so few open source apps being coded using
> PyQt. After all, Python is "big", and Qt is "big". Perception-wise, even
Perhaps it is too recent.

Or those interested by Qt are coding directly in C++. My feeling is that PyQt 
needs more advertisement about itself and applications built with it.

I hope BlackAdder will help to change that at least.

> I am looking for any available-source applications using PyQt. I found
> Boudewijn Rempt's adapted-tutorial webpage, but it is KDE-specific and I am
> looking for "plain Qt".
You can check my almost-finished game:


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