[PyKDE] PyQwt win32 binary?

Dan Parisien dan at eevolved.com
Wed Jan 31 16:54:23 GMT 2001

> There is another possibility which may test the GPL and
> TrollTech:  Someone could build a interface to Qt for Windows without a
> commercial license and release it GPL (which it would have to).  Then
> applications that are free, stay free.  I'm not sure how that would affect
> TrollTech but my guess is they may change there licencing in the next
> version.
> I was considering this option.  As I like Qt, I don't want TrollTech to go
> out of business for such a move.  But it is within the licensing
> constraints as they currently are.  Plus TrollTech's model seems to bring
> more people to the Linux environment.  I would prefer this also.
> Matt

I doubt they would go out of business. They don't make money from people who 
produce free software anyways. Even if a GPL version of Qt was available for 
windows, Trolltech would still make money on people building proprietary 
software with their kit (I'm sure they make 85% of their revenue on in-house, 
MIS-type software development anyways)

I do not have the expertise to try and compile the GPL version in Windows, 
but if someone does, I will support them and I'm sure others will.

It's to produce cross-platform free software people...

dan at eevolved.com

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