[PyKDE] pyqt installation on SGI

Michel Grenier Michel.Grenier at ec.gc.ca
Fri Mar 16 19:30:18 GMT 2001

Dear pyqt ML,

        I am a newbie with all python, qt and pyqt.
        I have successfully installed in my IRIX account
        python-2.0, qt-2.3.0...
        I am desperatly trying to install PyQt-2.3 without

        I am working on an SGI IRIX64 machine,
        following each step of the README provided with
        pyqt-2_3_tar.gz .  My configure runs fine with no
        problem... But when I run make, or gmake the makefile
        in  pyqt.../qt directory seems to be incorrect... I get error

        I assume that I am not the only one to whom it happened so
        I am asking you the expert ML for help.

        Thanks for your attention and help

        Michel Grenier

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