[PyKDE] newbie ?'s about the work needed to get KDE 2.x support

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Sun Mar 18 11:37:16 GMT 2001

Tavis Rudd wrote:
> Hi,
> first off, pyQt is wonderful!  Thanks for the effort you've put into it.
> Now the questions ...
> - How much work is needed to get pyKDE up and running for KDE 2.x, if support
> for 1.x is dropped to simplify the versioning problems?

For me - who should know what they are doing :) - about 2 weeks solid
work to get a useful sub-set done.

> - Is anyone currently working on this?  If not, is anyone interested in it?

Not to my knowledge.

> - Is it just a matter of writing the .sip files for all kde headers or are
> there larger architectural issues that need to be addressed?  Is it just lots
> of dull grunt work or does it require skill and a deep understanding of sip,
> python, and c++?

80% grunt work, 20% thinking work. It depends on how well thought out
the KDE classes are.

> - Is there any documentation that gives a high level overview of SIP, how it
> works, and how to use it to create new bindings (e.g. for a new widget that
> extends QScrollView in c++)?

Use the existing PyKDE .sip files as working examples as they do exactly


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