[PyKDE] newbie ?'s about the work needed to get KDE 2.x support

Tavis Rudd tavis at calrudd.com
Sun Mar 18 09:05:26 GMT 2001

first off, pyQt is wonderful!  Thanks for the effort you've put into it.
Now the questions ...
- How much work is needed to get pyKDE up and running for KDE 2.x, if support 
for 1.x is dropped to simplify the versioning problems?  
- Is anyone currently working on this?  If not, is anyone interested in it?
- Is it just a matter of writing the .sip files for all kde headers or are 
there larger architectural issues that need to be addressed?  Is it just lots 
of dull grunt work or does it require skill and a deep understanding of sip, 
python, and c++?
- Is there any documentation that gives a high level overview of SIP, how it 
works, and how to use it to create new bindings (e.g. for a new widget that 
extends QScrollView in c++)?

Tavis Rudd

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