[PyKDE] PyQt 2.3 for Win32 QT Professional (missing Enterprise classes problem )

Bartłomiej Jarocki bartek at itam.zabrze.pl
Mon Mar 19 13:13:19 GMT 2001

Hello All

I work in Polish Scientific Institute dealing with medical equipment and 
recently we choosed Python/QT for medical software development.

This is my first post on this list so I take chance to express my thanks 
to all PyQt developers - it great to have Python and Qt together

But here is my urgent request: I would like to install Python program I 
wrote under Linux onto Windows system but I have a problem with PyQT 2.3 

We have QT Professional 2.2.4 (professional is less than Enterprise) and 
when we were building PyQT we found out that some classes are missing 
(from Enterprise version like QCanvas etc) so we removed their entries 
from Makefiles,qtcmodule.cpp and qt.py so PyQT build up successfully.

Apparently we made some mistakes because sip.dll crashes now on 
sipRegisterClass seemingly some code is still refering to these 
Enterprise classes (in dictionairy entries).

I would like to ask you for advice how to wisely adjust PyQt to build 
and work with QT Professional version or to give me a link to built 
PyQT2.3 binaries

I will highly appreciate any advice ASAP

Best Regards


-- Bartlomiej Jarocki
                            |  Instytut Techniki i Aparatury Medycznej
bartek at itam.zabrze.pl      |  Medical Technology & Equipment Institute
tel/fax:(+48 32) 271 60 13 |  ul.Roosevelta 118, 41-800 Zabrze, Poland.

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