[PyKDE] PyQt 2.3 for Win32 QT Professional (missing Enterprise classes problem )

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Sat Mar 24 10:38:57 GMT 2001

Bart³omiej Jarocki wrote:
> Hello All
> I work in Polish Scientific Institute dealing with medical equipment and
> recently we choosed Python/QT for medical software development.
> This is my first post on this list so I take chance to express my thanks
> to all PyQt developers - it great to have Python and Qt together
> But here is my urgent request: I would like to install Python program I
> wrote under Linux onto Windows system but I have a problem with PyQT 2.3
> there
> We have QT Professional 2.2.4 (professional is less than Enterprise) and
> when we were building PyQT we found out that some classes are missing
> (from Enterprise version like QCanvas etc) so we removed their entries
> from Makefiles,qtcmodule.cpp and qt.py so PyQT build up successfully.
> Apparently we made some mistakes because sip.dll crashes now on
> sipRegisterClass seemingly some code is still refering to these
> Enterprise classes (in dictionairy entries).
> I would like to ask you for advice how to wisely adjust PyQt to build
> and work with QT Professional version or to give me a link to built
> PyQT2.3 binaries

You will have to remove the classes from the .sip files (you will only
need to comment out the necessary %Include directives in qt.sip) and
re-generate the sources.


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