[PyKDE] How to display GIF and JPEG

Gerard Vermeulen gvermeul at labs.polycnrs-gre.fr
Fri Mar 30 18:44:21 BST 2001

Of course, the example is a dumb solution. If you want to keep
everything in memory, I would explore the following:

(1) use memory mapped files: look in the Python library reference for
mmap. This supposes that the PythonWare Image Library and Qt are
willing to read/write those files.

(2) convert the PIL image to a string (see PIL doc), possibly make 
a QByteArray out of it and use loadFromData

(3) use PIL to make a mmap, use all data  of the mmapped file
as QByteArray in loadFromData

(4) switch to Linux or buy Qt 

:-) Gerard

Sheng-Te Tsao wrote:
>Thank for the source code.   I guess saving it first as PNG first is a 
>possible solution :-)
>Still, is there anyway to load the image into memory directly without 
<having to save it as PNG first?

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