[PyKDE] Playing with SIP...

Wilken Boie wboie at controlvideo.de
Wed May 9 17:03:46 BST 2001

Hi all,

I hope my issue is not too far off this lists main topic. At least it 
doesn't have anything to do with Qt or KDE. I am rather looking at SIP 
as a _very nice_ general purpose wrapper tool for c++ -> python (as Phil 
already pointed out: similar to SWIG but more specialized and efficient).

I do hope, there will be enough positive resonance and interest in this 
community (and of course at Phil Thompson) to give SIP somehow more focus
and support. 

In this sense I offering to share my trials to understand and use SIP: 
(Watch out: Since Qt is not my primary interest, its support is not tested.)

- I completed the porting of the sip package to Windows (now covering 
  not only siplib but also sip itself). 
  I set up a Visual C (6.0) project with subprojects for sip, siplib, 
  two trivial classes to test the wrapping with and one to actually do 
  (and test) the wrapping.

- My first notes on SIP finally expressed as a docbook. I do hope, this
  will be useful as a starting point and initiate a more comprehensive
  documentation, than I'm able to deliver. 

I also made a few changes to the package to:
- Get rid of some compiler complaints
- Allow for C type comments too
- Relax SIPs parser a bit (silently ignore non public enums and class vars)

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