[PyKDE] ANN: Initial PyKDE Debian packages

Ricardo Javier Cardenes Medina rcardenes at debian.org
Thu Dec 5 04:24:01 GMT 2002

Hi friends,

The packages are at people.debian.org. At this moment, there are only
packages for KDE 3.1 (yes, yes, bleeding edge and Debian doesn't even
have official packages for it, but this is only a try). This isn't by any
means a new PyKDE release, as Jim is still working on it. It's a quick
adaption of PyKDE 3.3.2, extending it to cover KDE 3.1. It doesn't ship
with khtml (nor kjs, which depends on it), because there're a couple of
compilation problems (it could be related to sip, but I don't know until
further investigation).

I haven't included sources, because this is an experiment and I have to
polish a couple of things before releasing them.

BTW: I have uploaded new PyQt packages too, now including the QtGL module.
     With the next release, I'll split the package in a bunch of them, so
     people can choose only those parts of PyQt they're using.

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