[PyKDE] problem importing qt

Ulrich Berning berning at teuto.de
Thu Dec 5 08:44:01 GMT 2002

Markus Jais wrote:

>thanks for the advice.
>I am no QT wizard or C++ wizard. where do I find these unstripped
>archive libraries ??
>after calling make ??
>in which directory ??
>I copied QT 3.1.0 to
>and unpacked it there and called
>./configure and then
>make install
>sorry, if this is a stupid question.


The archive libraries are in $QTDIR/lib. The libraries are 
libqassistantclient.a and

You have configured Qt without an installation prefix, so 'make install' 
strips the libraries
in the build directory (there are no unstripped versions any longer 
after 'make install').

Do a 'make clean' and then 'make' and everything should be fine.

A shorter (untested) way to recreate the libraries may be

rm lib/libqassistantclient.a
rm lib/libdesigner.a


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