[PyKDE] eric on rawhide

jj at void.si jj at void.si
Fri Dec 20 18:11:00 GMT 2002


> If RedHat hasn't changed things much, they probably still include python
> 1.52  on their systems.  You might check that the libaries got installed
> into the  correct python.  If not, you get to compile everything ;o)
rawhide is python2.2.2 distribution and i removed 1.5.2 when updating.
> python
>>>> import qt
this works
>>>> import qtext
and this is not working
>  You'll probably have to compiled sip/PyQt/QScintilla by hand...
Why all has to be rebuild not just QScintilla? I finally got clean
instalation. I thing that rebuilding from source is a deployment and
maintenance nightmare.


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