[PyKDE] PyKDE2 alpha 3 Available

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Tue Feb 5 20:18:03 GMT 2002

PyKDE2 alpha3 is now available for download. You can go to:


and then look for the "Download" link. (Thanks again to Phil and
theKompany for hosting this).

PyKDE2-3.0-2.2.1alpha3 is for people using KDE 2.1.x
PyKDE2-3.0-2.2.0alpha3 is for people using KDE 2.2.0/2.2.1
and may compile against KDE2.2.2 (still haven't tried it)

If you're already using the alpha2 version for KDE 2.1.x, there
isn't any need to upgrade - the only noticeable change is in the
treatment of the tr() function discussed here in December. It's
unlikely the 2.1.x version will need to be updated until you
update sip at the next release. If there are major bug fixes,
I'll post that info here.

As always, you need to have sip3.0 and a corresponding version of
PyQt for Qt2.3.x installed to build PyKDE2. PyKDE2 will not build
with earlier versions of sip, nor will it build against the CVS
version of sip. The PyKDE2 CVS hasn't been updated - I'll try to
get that done this week, and you'll notice it here when it happens.

I'm still working on finishing the KDE2.2.x versions, and when
that's done will move to KDE3.0. Hopefully a release for KDE3.0
will follow shortly after KDE's final release of 3.0, in early
March I believe.

Bug reports and other requests/comments are not only welcome,
they're actively solicited. I prefer to read them on this mailing
list, but contact me directly if you need to.


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