[PyKDE] ANN: SIP/PyQt v3.1pre3

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Sun Feb 24 02:43:26 GMT 2002

v3.1pre3 of SIP and PyQt are available at

The changes are...

- addition of the Qt thread classes QThread, QMutex, QSemaphore and

- addition of QApplication.lock(), QApplication.unlock(),
QApplication.locked() and QApplication.tryLock()

- enhancements to pyuic for Qt v3 taken from Qt v3.0.2.

- removal of special method handling from SIP (if you are wrapping your
own classes, and implement some C++ operators, then you will need to
make changes - check how QString now implements __unicode__ and

As implied by the above, I've been messing with how operators are
implemented - which mostly affects conversions between Python
unicode/strings and QString. I'd really appreciate people who use
unicode to test this release.


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