[PyKDE] [cvs commit] 'sip/sip gencode.c lexer.l parser.y sip.h transform.c'

kvs at valentine.thekompany.com kvs at valentine.thekompany.com
Sun Feb 24 03:33:11 GMT 2002

Update of /public/sip/sip
In directory valentine.thekompany.com:/tmp/cvs-serv9360/sip

Modified Files:
	gencode.c lexer.l parser.y sip.h transform.c 
Log Message:
configure now searches for Qt v3.0.2.
SIP now handles protected static methods.
Added the /NonLazy/ option.
Added the 'n' format character to sipParseArgs() to support non-lazy methods.
Removed the __sipDtor__ and __sipStr__ builtins.
The __del__ method is created by the SIP module at run-time when needed.
Removed all of the special method handling.

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