[PyKDE] PyKDE Update

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Sat Jul 13 09:58:00 BST 2002

The next release of PyKDE is still a little way off. The major
changes will be:

1. Upgrade to sip/PyQt-3.3.1 - mostly done
2. Make build system compatible with 3.3.1 build system (ie steal
Phil's build.py and modify for PyKDE) - mostly done
3. KDE3.0.1 coverage - have h file diffs; not many changes
4. KDE3.0.2 coverage - have h file diffs; not many changes
5. Bug fixes - not done yet; not many changes

PyKDE-3.2.4 probably won't build with KDE3.0.1 or 3.0.2 - the
biggest changes are methods returning 'void' changed to 'virtual
void', which means even if it would compile, some code would be
incorrect. This isn't a big change in the sip files though.

The new build system compiles PyKDE (with concatenated files -- -c
switch same as PyQt) in about 12-13 minutes on an 800MHz PIII. The
largest module (kdeui) needs about 110MB of memory to compile with
concatenated files, meaning you'll need something >= 192MB of RAM
in order to use this feature (depending on what else is running at
the time of compiling). This is a reduction in compile time from
about 65 minutes on the same machine - about an 80% improvement.

It's been difficult to free some time to work on PyKDE lately, but
that seems to be improving and I expect a release soon. Sorry for
the delay.


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