[PyKDE] Listview problems

Bart Verwilst verwilst at gentoo.org
Mon Jul 15 11:46:00 BST 2002


I love pyQT, i really do! It's so fun to program in.
But i have a little prob :o)

I've made a listview with QT Designer, but i have no idea on how to make a 
menu pop up when the user rightclicks on an item...
And how to get the values of the selected item. :o(
Could you guys please help me out?

QObject::connect: No such signal QListView::rightButtonClicked()
QObject::connect:  (sender name:   'lstSearch')
QObject::connect:  (receiver name: 'unnamed')

is what i get now, by using

win.connect(win.lstSearch, SIGNAL("rightButtonClicked()"), test.Test)


win.connect(win.lstSearch, SIGNAL("selectionChanged()"), test.Test)

does work..

And to show the text of the clicked item, do i need to call SelectedItem 


PS Please CC your replies to me, since i'm not subscribed yet to this list 
(didn't get request yet)

Bart Verwilst
Gentoo Linux Developer, Release Coordinator
Gent, Belgium

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