[PyKDE] PyKDE build story

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Sun Jul 21 17:23:00 BST 2002

On 21-Jul-02 Richard Jones wrote:
> I've got KDE 3.0.2 installed in /export/kde-stable. I've got Qt
> 3.0.4 
> installed in /export/qt-stable. KDEDIR, QTDIR, PATH and
> point to or include these two dirs in the right way (ie. KDE runs
> just fine 
> sip and PyQt compiled no probs.
> PyKDE, however, is requiring a _lot_ of command-line configure
> hints:
> ./configure --with-python=/usr/bin/python2 \
>    --with-pyqt-sip-dir=../PyQt-3.3.2/sip --prefix=/usr/bin \
>    --with-sip-includes=/usr/include/python2.1/ \
>    --with-kde-dir=/export/kde-stable
> --with-qt-dir=/export/qt-stable

PyKDE-3.2.4 won't work with PyQt/sip-3.3.2 - it requires
PyQt/sip-3.2.4. configure also doesn't check for an '/export'
subdirectory (and won't in future releases).
> Now, I figure that the sip includes could be defaulted, since sip
> automatically installs its includes in the python include dir.
> The kde and qt dirs can be defaulted to $KDEDIR and $QTDIR.

Yes, those should work.
> Once I got configure going, I quickly realised that I wasn't
> going to get much further. I jury-rigged support for 3.0.2 as
> far as I could (a symlink here, a  KDE_3_0_2 there) before I ran
> into a "sip: sip/dcop.sip:44: parse error" and  gave up :)

PyKDE-3.2.4 won't build with KDE3.0.2, although that doesn't
explain the parse error you're getting.

The next release (which will build with KDE through 3.0.2) is still
at least a few days away _ I'm hoping to get it done next week
(although I've been hoping for that for a while now).


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