[PyKDE] PyQT on Qtopia

David Douard douard at pl.ecp.fr
Sun Jul 28 12:24:01 BST 2002


as I want to developp apps on Qtopia, and I like Python, I have compiled 

My situation is :
-Qtopia for x86 (linux) trolltech version 1.5 (includes a QtEmbedded 2.3.2)
-Python 2.2
-PyQT 3.3.2

The fact is I wanted to compile PyQT for qte. And it's not that easy.
I had to modify a few things in order to be able to compile :


comment the line (line 152):
void dateFormatChanged(int);

because that function take a dateFormat and not an int...

comment the 2 lines (l 56 57) :
        //void goodbye();
        //void activateItem(int);

cause these functions are private in the defintion of the parent class...

These errors look strange to me (I mean they make the compilation process for 
QTE unsuccessfull).
So my question is : what exactly is the state of the wrapper for QTE ? 
I mean I finally succeeded compiling  the stuff so I can test little things in 
qvfb. It's great ! But there seems to be several things which do not work...

thanks !

David Douard

PS : I'm not in the list so please, CC me back to douard at magic.fr

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