[PyKDE] PyQT on Qtopia

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Sun Jul 28 12:59:01 BST 2002

David Douard wrote:

> Hi,
> as I want to developp apps on Qtopia, and I like Python, I have compiled 
> PyQT... 
> My situation is :
> -Qtopia for x86 (linux) trolltech version 1.5 (includes a QtEmbedded 2.3.2)
> -Python 2.2
> -PyQT 3.3.2
> The fact is I wanted to compile PyQT for qte. And it's not that easy.
> I had to modify a few things in order to be able to compile :
> sip/qpeapplication.sip
> comment the line (line 152):
> void dateFormatChanged(int);
> because that function take a dateFormat and not an int...
> and 
> sip/qpemenubar.sip
> comment the 2 lines (l 56 57) :
>         //void goodbye();
>         //void activateItem(int);
> cause these functions are private in the defintion of the parent class...
> These errors look strange to me (I mean they make the compilation process for 
> QTE unsuccessfull).
> So my question is : what exactly is the state of the wrapper for QTE ? 
> I mean I finally succeeded compiling  the stuff so I can test little things in 
> qvfb. It's great ! But there seems to be several things which do not work...

Qt/Embedded for Qt v2.x should be complete.

I have not yet added support for Qt/Embedded for Qt v3.x.

The support for Qtopia is only tested for the Zaurus. I believe that 
there is a version number conflict with Qtopia for the Zaurus and the 
stock Qtopia - the APIs are not identical even though they claim to be 
the same version. I haven't yet had a chance to look into this properly.


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