[PyKDE] QTable sortcolumns question

Rick Kier rick at TeamSTARS.net
Sun Jul 28 14:55:00 BST 2002


  We are relative newbies to PyQT, QT, and Python.  What a GREAT
  combination.  We can really be productive compare to c... Thanks
  Phil for all of your effort!!!

  Now, the question:

  How do we swap sections when we swap rows?

  We have a table that we are sorting by calling sortColumns forcing
  it to sort full rows.  This works fine except that the sections
  don't get swapped as well.

  QTable's sortColumns calls swapRows without the bool indicating that
  sections should be swapped.

  So, we created our own swapRows which called QTable.swapRws with
  swapSections = true.  This didn't work - we recursed forever.  We
  checked: QHeader.swapSections calls table->swapRows.


  Dick Gordon and Rick Kier

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