[PyKDE] pyqt on Zaurus SL5000D?

Stephan M. marsoner at chello.at
Sat Jun 1 20:27:00 BST 2002

I tried to install the zaurus pyqt-package (pyqt_3.2.4-1.0_arm.ipk) following 
Phil Thompson's instructions (using CF, nipkg, ...) on the Zaurus developer 
version but without success :(((  [ .. no space left on device ...].
I made a HW-reset in order to get as much space as possible - same result.

Do I have to use the 1.12 rom image (ramdisk(12MB):heap(20MB)) over my 1.13 
version (ramdisk(6MB):heap(26MB)) in order to get it going?

btw: python is installable, but only to RAM, not to CF - isn't it possible to 
install and run both - python & pyqt - to CF ?

Thank you in advance

Stephan M.

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