[PyKDE] Segmentation fault with QToolBar

Boudewijn Rempt boud at valdyas.org
Mon Jun 3 19:02:01 BST 2002

On Monday 03 June 2002 12:48, Janos Blazi wrote:
> My program is short:
>    import sys
>    from qt import *
>    app=QApplication(sys.argv)
>    app.connect(app, SIGNAL("lastWindowClosed()"),app,SLOT("quit()"))
>    mw = QMainWindow()
>    tb = QToolBar(mw) #(***)
>    mw.show()
>    app.exec_loop()
> Everything is displayed correctly but after terminating the program I
> get a segmentation fault. If I omit the line (***), no segmentation
> fault occures.
> (I had that in a much larger program and it took some time to find the
> culprit.)

Hmmm... It must be some version/lib/platform issue, because, with the
latest PyQt, Python 2.2 on SuSE 7.3, no segfault occurs. So you've got
a bug here in PyQt, which may or may not be solved in the latest version
for your platform.


Ouch. My poor ears. All in tatters. But seriously, having looked in the 
documentation is not really something that people do, as a rule. I mean,
I've had lots of questions that could have been solved by looking around
a bit.

> Can anybody give me a hint as to what happens here?

Try upgrading.

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