[PyKDE] PyQT and Qsql

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Wed Jun 5 15:30:00 BST 2002

Greetings all,

I've been lurking on the list since 2000, having had a long-time interest in learning
Python and PyQT, but never having the chance. Now I'm getting down to seriously looking at
it as an alternative to some of the 'other' languages.

As per usual I am want to jump in at the deep end. I am looking to build a very simple
interface for a Postgres backend but am totally flumoxed as to how to establish a
connection. Unfortunately, this seems to be the one area I cannot find any examples for,
and my understanding of the QT docs is terrible at best (I am not from a C++ background).
I hope someone can help me out here with a short explanation. 



P.S. I am running Python2.2, sip3.2.4, PyQT3.2.4. Everything compiled perfectly.

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