[PyKDE] PyQT and Qsql

Peter Osborne pete at bookware3000.ca
Wed Jun 5 15:41:01 BST 2002

Use one of the several Python interfaces to Postgresql. I don't believe there 
is a way of using the Qt bindings to access the db, but I could be wrong. I'm 
a newbie too.


On June 5, 2002 11:29 am, webdevelop at icon.co.za wrote:
> Greetings all,
> I've been lurking on the list since 2000, having had a long-time interest
> in learning Python and PyQT, but never having the chance. Now I'm getting
> down to seriously looking at it as an alternative to some of the 'other'
> languages.
> As per usual I am want to jump in at the deep end. I am looking to build a
> very simple interface for a Postgres backend but am totally flumoxed as to
> how to establish a connection. Unfortunately, this seems to be the one area
> I cannot find any examples for, and my understanding of the QT docs is
> terrible at best (I am not from a C++ background). I hope someone can help
> me out here with a short explanation.

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