[PyKDE] lineedits.py example

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Sun Jun 16 12:22:01 BST 2002

[No reponses on my previous mails. Seems like a Mo-Fr 9-5 list :-(]


this time a new transition is attached. I took an easy one, and this
one is working already (less Qt bug, Double Validator isn't working
here in both versions).

Phil: would you mind throwing it into examples?

I'm doing these to get comfortable with PyQt and being able to study
Kalle's book "Programming with Qt, 2nd Edition" more successful. Boudewijn's
book is missing some important aspects of PyQt 3 from my view, especially
SQL features. Although Kalle's book isn't comprehensive on this topic, 

Will go on with table examples.

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